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Our mission is to foster healthcare advocacy for providers and consumers.  We help providers establish grievance resolution processes that enable quality improvement and improved customer service.

Lisa Venn, J.D., M.A.

Lisa Venn, J.D., M.A.

Founder & Owner of Advocate Alliance, LLC

As the founder and owner of Advocate Alliance LLC, Lisa has been an advocate for healthcare consumers for 30 years and is an expert in healthcare consumer rights, patient grievance regulations, and conflict resolution. Educated at Case Western Reserve University, she holds a Juris Doctorate of Law and a Master’s Degree in Sociology.

Lisa is available to speak to patients, advocates, and healthcare providers about protecting patients’ rights and improving patient experience. The consultative services she offers include:

  • auditing healthcare providers’ patient grievance and complaint process
  • implementing patient rights, grievance and service recovery policies and procedures
  • training staff in complaint/grievance management, health care investigation, and conflict resolution
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